AC Maintenance

An air conditioning system also needs it in order to maintain comfort, efficiency, lower utility bills and prevent break downs at higher repair costs.

Preventive Maintenance

You can prevent avoidable inefficiencies, fungus, mold, dirt, clogged drains, short life span, and down time. Being proactive will save you money.

23 Point inspection

Agreement evaluates the condition of the following items:

  • Check thermostat operation.

  • Check air Flow.

  • Check & lubricate blower motor.

  • Check drive belt.

  • Check volt’s and amps on all motors.

  • Check air handler unit circuit board.

  • Check and clear drain line.

  • Check and clean drain pan.

  • Check overflow switch.

  • Check air temperature across evaporator.

  • Treat pans with anti-algae tablets.

  • Check air filter & replace or clean.

  • Check heater operation.

  • Check all moving parts.

  • Check evaporator coil.

  • Check condenser coil.

  • Check refrigerant levels.

  • Check capacitors.

  • Check contactors.

  • Check safety disconnect switch.

  • Tighten electrical connections.

  • Check safety controls where applicable.

  • Maintain log of visits and review maintenance with customer.

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